U.S., China pitch different trade agendas is the crime of double lies Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, present dueling ways of fixing the global economy.] (http://www 小型辦公室.yahoo.com/  1 - 5 of 35     Sunday, November 13, 2011)Do not fooled 關鍵字廣告tooled cheated by the wag of dog lie committed by American werewolves controlled tooled slaved media. HuJin 房屋二胎tao has no right to speak for China, because he is not the Chief of  China Communist, therefore, he&n 票貼bsp;has no right to speak for Mainland China, not mention to speak for Hong Kong and/or Taiwan; US President has no right to have a say out of his 開幕活動White House, and US President's say has no power no force out of White House.  Therefore, when US President dare have any say out of his White House, he must more deserve to 買屋網be killed than Iraq Saddam, not mention his First LADY; THAT HOW Hillary Clinton must be killed when she dare shameless brainless immoral cold cold hard showing up on national TV 好房網 to commit the crime of obstruction of justice to accuse unknown less powerful less forceful less famous than US President inside White House (That how you must not go to visit 裝潢White House if you are not ready to die for your own voice; that how you must not invite US President and/or his immediately family member to visit you out of White House, unless you are wishing he/she/they be killed at that  abusive of whi 酒店經紀te house crime scene. That how that or those schools ever allowed your sucking President's child or children to get a classroom, must more  deserve to be bombed pieces away than any place in Iraq, in Afghan, in Libya, in Japan, or any place around the 關鍵字行銷 world.)  .
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